Welcome to Crossroads Family Therapy!

Established in 2013 by veteran therapist Karen Allan, Crossroads Family Therapy is your community's home base for mental health. Comprised of a group of seven talented, individual therapists, Crossroads offers a variety of approaches to counseling as well as a wide range of specialties. It serves individuals, couples, families, adults, teens and children.

Warm and inviting, and housed in a recently renovated Craftsman bungalow, Crossroads aims to be a go-to resource for the San Gabriel Valley. Crossroads believes in working collaboratively with primary care physicians, pediatricians, schools, psychiatrists, art therapists, pastors and homeopathic practitioners to diagnosis and treat clients and their affected family members. Clients may come to Crossroads to attend one of its many seminars, visit regularly for individual therapy sessions or group work, or work intensively with one of its therapists during a time of crisis.

Please give us a call, share what is troubling you or a loved one, and hear how we can help.