Crossroads Groups and Workshops

Couples’ Workshop:

Scheduled for June.

In 1980, Dr. John Gottman began a research project that has spanned nearly 40 years and included thousands of couples. The results revealed the predictors of divorce as well as the tools for increasing affection and closeness.

Darryl Bartolotti, M.A., LMFT, and a Certified Gottman Therapist will share the surprising secrets revealed by this landmark research.

Run by Darryl Bartolotti, LMFT. Contact: (626) 858-2864

Women's Group:
How to Bring Out the Best in Him

Who should attend? Women from mid 20s to mid 50s, in a relationship or wanting to learn.

Do you feel that you’ve lost the love you had when you were first married? Maybe you’ve given up on trying to talk to him, or when you do it ends in an argument?

Imagine learning how to really understand your man, and knowing how to communicate in a way that he listens. Learn to increase his attention toward your needs, and create an amazing connection with him again. This group will give you essential tools to achieve these goals and more!

Run by Debbie Morehead, LMFT. Contact: (626) 831-4721

Men's Group:
Relationship Bootcamp

Who should attend? Men from 17 to 57 in a relationship or wanting to learn.

Often men and women become disconnected from each other, out of touch, distant.

This practical and experiential workshop will show you how to restore love and companionship in your relationship, and equip you with tools to be a leader that she trusts. Dare to challenge yourself and become a relationally excellent man who can romance her as she desires.

Run by Dr. Raymond Jones. Contact: 855-789-9987

Adolescent Girls' Group:

Who should attend? Adolescent girls in middle school or high school.

A group for adolescent girls rising above life’s struggles. You’ll learn how to increase your self-esteem, speak so that people will listen, learn how to deal with anxiety, and other life skills that you’ll learn every week – all in a fun and safe context with others just like you.

Run by Linda Hamilton, LMFT. Contact: (909) 618-6629.

Anger Management Group:

Who should attend? Anyone wanting to gain anger management skills.

Anger happens. But it doesn't have to ruin our relationships, our sense of self, or our health. You can learn how to manage your emotions. You can be responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Join this group and gain weekly tools to get more of what you want out of life, and less of what you don’t!

Run by Don Lee, LMFT. Contact: 661-313-1059

College & Career Group:

Who should attend? Young adults (18-28) motivated for growth. Emphasis on anxiety, but open to all those aiming for healthier life habits.

Are you feeling anxious and stuck daily? Dissatisfied with your relationships? Unsure how to break out of your negative cycles? Start changing things TODAY! Come be equipped with practical tools to build new habits, take control of your life, and develop satisfying relationships. Based in Restoration Therapy, this group discusses how to move from your Pain Cycle to your Peace Cycle in four simple steps!

Run by Sarah Hutchinson. Contact: 323-813-8035.