Dr. Raymond Jones

After thirty years of counseling couples, and singles, Dr. Jones believes even more strongly that Love remains the simplest truth about both men and women: We were hard-wired for love. Loving is what gives us a sense of belonging in this world.

Dr. Jones has been successfully assisting people to overcome addiction, obsessive intrusive thinking, depression, anxiety and other issues. He has taught at many of the local colleges and universities and has created multiple counseling agencies. He is a supervisor for those seeking certification as a Sex Addiction Therapist.

Dr. Jones is a workshop and seminar trainer, former radio show host, and frequent guest on various radio programs. He is an author and has several books on intimacy coming out in the next years.

When we speak of passion and intimacy, in general, we refer only to adult sexual encounters. Dr. Jones takes his patients beyond this narrow definition into areas of total partner intimacy. You will find no condemnation or harsh judgment when you are with him in his practice.

Dr. Jones is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Supervisor. This means he is very understanding of the course of human development, and what it takes to become a mature woman or man. He understands what goes into the creation of a Sexual Addict and he knows the ways out of this painful dilemma. He is a protector of women, and an encourager of men. He is equally protective of spouses of sexual addiction, and women who have suffered oppression at the hands of men.

He began his journey by working with abuse victims and offenders. He then worked with the obsessions and anxiety that adults deal with regarding sexual identity and desire. He works to release adults from the guilt, fear and shame that typically surrounds their sexuality. As a former Board Member of "1 in 6“ he is fully aware that men have suffered a silent shame around their sexuality that has hurt them, and their lover. He is an advocate for men to step into their rightful place as true men who know how to serve and empower their mates. A man of true humility knows his power, and uses it so others may live free under his protection.

His current passion is to empower the couple to have the romance and intimacy they have dreamt of. This means they must confront their fears and limiting beliefs that prevent them from entering into deep intimacy with their lover. Dr. Jones will tell you in a heartbeat that too many couples are non-sexual, non-romantic, frozen and withdrawn, acting more like roommates or siblings than lovers and helpmates. His greatest joy is to see couples come into the romance and intimacy they were designed to enjoy.

As a Diplomat for the American Board of Sexologists he is a representative to the community of the healthiest aspects of sexuality that can be imagined. Working with him is a journey into wholeness, freedom, and creativity.

Now a new member of the Crossroads community of therapists and counselors, Dr. Jones brings an added specialty of working with Sex Addicts and their Spouses.

(626) 827-8997